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2013 Bike/Ped Projects

TIP IDProject NameProject Description Sponsoring Agency
Managing AgencyProject LocationDesign PhaseDesign CostROW PhaseROW CostConstruction PhaseConstruction Cost
 Laura Duncan Multi-use PathThe project involves construction of a multi-use path and widening of existing sidewalk totaling approximately 4,000 linear feet on the east side of Laura Duncan Road (SR 1308) from US 64 to Apex Community Park, and a 500-foot greenway connection to an existing trail in the park. It includes clearing and grubbing, grading, concrete sidewalk (widening from 5 feet to 10 feet), asphalt paved paths, concrete culverts, paved driveway aprons, and addition of a signalized pedestrian crosswalk across the north leg of Laura Duncan Road at US 64. The path consists of 2,600 feet of new location asphalt path along Laura Duncan Road, 200 feet of concrete sidewalk widening near US 64 (south end of project), 1,200 feet of concrete sidewalk widening along the frontage of the park to the Cary town limits (north end), and 500 feet of asphalt greenway into the park. The 500-foot greenway connection is proposed south of the park entrance from the proposed path eastward to an existing unpaved compacted earthen trail. The project will include areas where public easements must be obtained from private property owners. Apex Same as Sponsoring AgencyApex$20,000.00$65,000.00$520,000.00
 Middle Creek GreenwayThe project involves construction of a ten-foot wide greenway from Sunset Lake Rd (SR 1301) to east of Straywhite Ave in the Miramonte subdivision. The project length totals approximately 5,700 feet of concrete, asphalt, and boardwalk path. The project may include some areas where public easements must be obtained from private property owners. Apex Same as Sponsoring AgencyApex$50,000.00$80,000.00$830,000.00
 Smithfield Rd. Sidewalk ImprovementsInstallation of approximately 2100 linear feet of 5 foot wide sidewalk on east side of Smithfield Rd. between Carrington Dr. and Edenburghs Keep Dr, to include pedestrian crossing of Knightdale Blvd. This project includes all signal modifications and signage requirements associated with the Knightdale Blvd. crosswalk. Knightdale Same as Sponsoring AgencyKnightdale$50,000.00 $287,000.00
 NC 55 Multiuse TrailConstruction of missing 600- and 1650-foot multiuse trail segments on east side of NC 55 to connect White Oak Greenway (and tunnel under NC 55), High House Road sidewalks, and Batchelor Branch Greenway (and tunnel under NC 55) Cary Same as Sponsoring AgencyCary  $510,000.00
 Dunn Creek Greenway - Downtown ConnectorDesign and construct a 10’ wide greenway (approximately .3 miles) from the NC 98 Bypass (Dr. Calvin Jones Highway) pedestrian culvert (approximately 9 feet wide, 8 feet high) north to Town Property and spurs to the west connecting to existing sidewalks within Deacons Ridge and Cardinal Park subdivisions. This project will include one small stream crossing and approximately 1,500lf of asphalt with reinforced shoulders. It will also address drainage issues within the existing pedestrian culvert and provide lighting in the culvert. Acquisition of a greenway easement from one property owner will be incorporated. Wake Forest Same as Sponsoring AgencyWake Forest$98,200.00$26,000.00$332,600.00
 Smith Creek GreenwayDesign and environmental for a 10’ wide greenway (approximately 1.62 miles) from Burlington Mills Road (SR2045) crossing Ligon Mill Road (SR2044) continuing to White Carriage Drive connection. This project will include four stream crossings, boardwalk, approximately 8,100lf of asphalt with reinforced shoulders, a trail head with parking along SR2045, and a pedestrian underpass with solar lighting for NCDOT bridge (910126) replacement project TIP# B-5318 on SR2044. Wake Forest Same as Sponsoring AgencyWake Forest$492,400.00  
 Priority Pedestrian Corridors - sidewalk designDesign and environmental for pedestrian connections along W. Oak Avenue (SR1931) and Wait Avenue (NC98 Business), two priority pedestrian corridors in Wake Forest. The connections would eliminate gaps from Oak Avenue (SR1931): N. Wingate Street to Harris Road (SR1931) with 2,095ft of multi-use path and Wait Avenue (NC-98 Business): N. Allen Road to Traditions Development with approximately 2,530ft of sidewalk. Wake Forest Same as Sponsoring AgencyWake Forest$196,100.00  
 Peace Street West StreetscapeThis project will complete construction of the Peace Street West Streetscape Plan from St. Mary’s Street to N. West Street (0.3 miles). The improvements include the installation of 10-foot concrete sidewalks, street trees, street furniture, streetlights, traffic signal upgrades, signage, underground relocation of overhead utility lines, and storm drainage system enhancements. Raleigh Same as Sponsoring AgencyRaleigh  $2,700,000.00
 Peace Street East StreetscapeThis project will complete the preliminary engineering and design of major streetscape improvements along Peace Street from N. West Street to N. Person Street (0.6 miles). The design will include engineering of sidewalk improvements and repairs, driveway consolidations, street trees, traffic signal upgrades, and relocation of overhead utility lines underground. Upon the completion of the preliminary engineering and design, the project will be programmed for construction and will provide almost a mile continuous streetscape improvements in concert with the proposed Peace Street Streetscape West project. Raleigh Same as Sponsoring AgencyRaleigh$550,000.00  
 Downtown Pedestrian Safety ImprovementsThis project will complete preliminary engineering and design for pedestrian intersection improvements including installation of count down pedestrian signal heads with pedestrian push-button posts. These improvements will be installed at 20 intersections throughout downtown Raleigh that are currently without pedestrian signals. The specific intersection locations proposed for improvement are: • N. Blount Street/E. Lane Street • N. Blount Street/E. Peace Street • E. Cabarrus Street/S. Bloodworth Street • W. Cabarrus Street/S. West Street • S. Dawson Street/W. Davie Street • E. Edenton Street/N. Bloodworth Street • W. Edenton Street/N. West Street • E. Edenton Street/N. East Street • W. Hargett Street/N. Boylan Avenue • Hillsborough Street/West Street • New Bern Avenue/Bloodworth Street • New Bern Avenue/East Street • N. Person Street/E. Lane Street Raleigh Same as Sponsoring AgencyRaleigh$150,000.00