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2012 Bike/Ped Projects

TIP IDProject NameProject Description Sponsoring Agency
Managing AgencyProject LocationDesign PhaseDesign CostROW PhaseROW CostConstruction PhaseConstruction Cost
B-4697White Oak Creek Greenway - Phase IVConstruction of greenway connection under Green Level Church Road as part of NCDOT bridge replacement project (B-4697). Project includes work on approaches to underpass on east and west sides of Green Level Church Rd. Cary Same as Sponsoring AgencyCary  $1,060,000.00
 Walnut Street Pedestrian Connectivity StudyEnvironmental study and preliminary engineering to provide pedestrian connections from northern and southern Cary over US 1/64 at Walnut Street and associated needed lane shifts. Includes bridge widening design work. Cary Same as Sponsoring AgencyCary$100,000.00  
 Crabtree Creek GreenwayConstruction of 0.46 miles of the Crabtree Creek Greenway to provide connection into Bond Park from High House Road through underpass at Cary Pkwy to sgement currently under construction Cary Same as Sponsoring AgencyCary  $700,000.00
EL-5100 DAOld Raleigh SidewalkCompletion of sidewalk gaps totaling approximately 3300 linear feet to complete a contiguous sidewalk along the north side of Old Raleigh Road (SR 1435) from Apex Pkwy to US 64 and along the west side of Shepherds Vineyard Drive from Old Raleigh Rd to Chimney Hill Drive at Eva Perry Library. Project includes clearing and grubbing, grading, concrete culverts, concrete driveway aprons, and 5-foot concrete sidewalk. Apex Same as Sponsoring AgencyApex  $310,000.00
 Middle Creek Greenway Phase IConstruction of 1 mile of greenway to link with and extend through Middle Creek Park and High School. Cary Same as Sponsoring AgencyCary  $700,000.00
 Clayton Community Center Pedestrian ConnectorPlanning, design, and construction of a pedestrian connector using existing sidewalks, planned sidewalks, and greenway facilities that will connect the Clayton Community Center, Clayton High School, Downtown Clayton, multiple residential areas, and the Cooper Elementary School. Clayton Same as Sponsoring AgencyClayton$70,000.00$25,000.00$400,000.00
 Shiloh Greenway SouthConstruction of a the final segment of Shiloh Greenway. Shiloh Greenway trail totals 1.6 miles, this segment completes the southern 3,350 feet, providing connection to a future park site and Cedar Fork Elementary School. Morrisville Same as Sponsoring AgencyMorrisville  $360,525.00
 Smithfield Rd. Sidewalk ImprovementsInstallation of approximately 2100 linear feet of 5 foot wide sidewalk on east side of Smithfield Rd. between Carrington Dr. and Edenburghs Keep Dr, to include pedestrian crossing of Knightdale Blvd. This project includes all signal modifications and signage requirements associated with the Knightdale Blvd. crosswalk. Knightdale Same as Sponsoring AgencyKnightdale  $287,000.00
 Creedmoor Road SidewalksThis project involves the installation of 5’ sidewalks along both sides of Creedmoor Road from Glenwood Avenue to Strickland Road. The project will complete 4 miles of sidewalk gaps on the east and west side of Creedmoor Road providing pedestrians with direct connections to transit, shopping centers, schools, medical and office facilities along this critical north/south commuting route in Raleigh. Raleigh Same as Sponsoring AgencyRaleigh  $1,505,000.00
 Park Greenway TrailPlanning/design/NEPA, right-of-way acquisition and construction of 2,700 linear feet of greenway trail from the Town’s Old Honeycutt Road Park to the South Lakes Greenway Trail developed in two phases; phase one is an existing trail and phase two will be constructed by the subdivision developer by 2012. Included with this proposed trail is a connection to a future Town park to be located on the east side of NC Highway 55, eastern end of the proposed project trail. Fuquay-Varina Same as Sponsoring AgencyFuquay-Varina$101,250.00$30,000.00$543,750.00