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2017 Roadway Projects

TIP IDProject NameProject Description Sponsoring Agency Managing AgencyProject LocationDesign PhaseDesign CostROW PhaseROW CostConstruction PhaseConstruction Cost
 Holly Springs Road WideningProject consists of Design and Preliminary Engineering along Holly Springs Road from Jones Franklin Road to SE Cary Parkway for widening of the facility. Improvements will include widening the current facility from 2 to 4 lanes, the addition of a landscaped median including curb and gutter and sidewalks. Cary Same as Sponsoring AgencyCary$500,000.00$350,000.00$2,800,000.00
U-5501Reedy Creek Road WideningProject consists of Right-of-Way acquisition along Reedy Creek Road from NE Maynard Road to North Harrison Avenue for improvements to the facility. Improvements will include widening the current facility from 2 to 3 lanes, the addition of a center turn lane, curb and gutter, sidewalks, bike lanes and three roundabouts. Cary Same as Sponsoring AgencyCary$600,000.00$2,300,000.00$6,000,000.00
 Arendell Avenue Access Management and Operational ImprovementsOperational improvements to the Arendell Avenue corridor including providing dual left turns from southeastbound Pearces Rd onto eastbound Arendell Avenue, modifying the Pearces Road / Arendell Avenue signal timing to allow more time for left turning vehicles from Pearces Road on Arendell Avenue, and adding a lane on the south side of Arendell Avenue in the eastbound direction for approximately 200' on each side of the Pearces/Arendell intersection to allow for a receiving lane for the dual left from Pearces onto Arendell Avenue and to serve as a right turn lane for Hendricks Drive and to accommodate a change in the light timing to alleviate queuing problems on Pearces Road by shortening the green time for eastbound Arendell Avenue. This project also includes access management improvements by adding a median along Arendell Avenue east and west of Pearces Road, closing several driveways, and providing a back access road south of Arendell Avenue between Pearces Road and Hendricks Drive. Finally this project includes the provision of sidewalks along Arendell Avenue to promote unmotorized transportation and create connectivity with surrounding residential and institutional land uses. Zebulon Same as Sponsoring AgencyZebulon$0.00$50,000.00$1,145,000.00
 N Judd Parkway NE Widening ImprovementsProject consist of Construction phase of approximately 0.47 miles of widening of N Judd Parkway NE (SR 2768 and 5056) from three lanes to four lanes with median and/or left turn lanes at intersections to provide additional capacity and improve safety. Including is accommodations for bike and pedestrian access and travel at crossing of Norfolk Southern railroad which is currently missing. This project will provide major traffic and pedestrian/bike improvements to three intersections along N Judd Parkway NE (SR 2768 and 5056) at E Broad Street (SR 1402), US 401 / NC 55 & 42 (N Main Street) and Old Honeycutt Road (SR 3736). Fuquay-Varina Same as Sponsoring AgencyFuquay-Varina$438,000.00$1,000,000.00$2,810,000.00
U-5317Connect N Judd Parkway NWProject consist of Right of Way Acquisition phase of approximately 2.2 total miles with 1.8 miles of new roadway location with four lanes with median and left turn lane at intersections for both the new location roadway and the existing roadway improvement for a portion of Wilbon Road (SR 1110) to be known as N Judd Parkway NW from NC 55 (North Broad Street) to NC 42 (West Academy Street) that will include accommodations for bike and pedestrian access and travel. Also included is intersection relocation for Wilbon Road (SR 1110) with new roadway and extension of Washington Street (Town Street) to the new roadway that provide improved access to Lincoln Height Neighborhood, an economically depressed area of the Town with greater and more convenient access to Town’s services and to the overall community. NEPA and Roadway Design phase for this project will be completed by end of 2016. Fuquay-Varina Same as Sponsoring AgencyFuquay-Varina$1,500,000.00$5,900,000.00$18,800,000.00
 Morrisville-Carpenter Road WideningRight-of-Way Acquisition for widening of Morrisville-Carpenter Road between the railroad crossing west of NC 54 and Davis Drive. New widening is needed from 300 feet west of Old Savannah Drive to the railroad tracks. The remaining work from Old Savannah Drive to Davis Drive will consist of repaving and re-striping the existing roadway to a four-lane, median-divided road with center left-turn lanes where appropriate. The Town is currently in the Engineering/Design/Permitting phase for the project, funded with Town funds. Morrisville Same as Sponsoring AgencyMorrisville$620,000.00$1,000,000.00$6,200,000.00
 US Highway 401- NC 55 & 42 (N Main Street) and Sunset Lake/Purfoy Road Intersection Operational Improvements.Project consist of Planning/Design/NEPA and Construction of Operational Improvements at the US Highway 401- NC 55 & 42 (N Main Street) and Sunset Lake/Purfoy Road Intersection based on the CAMPO US 401 Hot-Spot Study Report, September, 2015 – Short Range Recommendation Improvements Concept. Fuquay-Varina Same as Sponsoring AgencyFuquay-Varina$92,905.00$0.00$765,095.00
 Harris Road Operational ImprovementsThis project includes right-of-way acquisition and construction for a single-lane roundabout and pedestrian facilities at the intersection of Harris Road (SR 1931) and W. Oak Ave (SR 1931)/Wall Rd (SR 1932). The proposed improvements include installing a roundabout with associated curb & gutter, stormwater, approximately 2,700LF of multi-use path on Wall Road to Wallridge Drive (Wallridge Subdivision) and 350LF sidewalk from Wall Road to existing sidewalk at Harris Point Way (Harris Point subdivision). Further coordination with NCDOT Division 5 is required to secure encroachment agreements for the proposed pedestrian facility improvements on Wall and Harris Roads. Minimal right of way is needed Wake Forest Same as Sponsoring AgencyWake Forest$0.00$100,000.00$2,227,600.00
 Peakway South Salem InterchangeConstruction of a grade separated interchange for the Apex Peakway at South Salem Street and the CSX railroad tracks. A current town-funded study is considering design details for the project, including whether the Apex Peakway will go over or under the railroad tracks and whether South Salem Street will need to be raised or lowered. The anticipated design includes a collector street in the northeast quadrant of the intersection to connect between South Salem Street and Apex Peakway to accommodate turning movements between the roadways. In compliance with the Master Agreement between the Town of Apex and CSX, this project will also include closure of the at-grade vehicular crossing of the CSX tracks at Tingen Road and construction of an at-grade pedestrian crossing in the same location. Apex Same as Sponsoring AgencyApex$250,000.00$500,000.00$4,500,000.00
 Durham Road (NC98 Bus) - Operational Improvements with Complete Streets ElementsThe project includes ROW and construction for roadway improvements, pedestrian connections along Durham Road (NC98/Bus). Durham Road is a priority pedestrian corridor into Downtown Wake Forest. Wake Forest Same as Sponsoring AgencyWake Forest$0.00$250,000.00$2,297,615.00