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2016 Transit Projects

TIP IDProject NameProject Description Sponsoring Agency
Managing AgencyProject LocationDesign PhaseDesign CostROW PhaseROW CostConstruction PhaseConstruction Cost
TD-5116Poole Road Park and RideThis project will establish additional employee parking and a park and ride facility across from the CAT Operations and Maintenance Facility on Poole Road. This project represents phase 1 of a 2 phase project. Phase 2 will construct parking lot C as defined ion the attached schematic design. Please note that the facility in the northwest corner of the schematic design is the new Raleigh Fire Station 9. Phase 1 will include 130 parking spaces and a dedicated park and ride bus facility. Please note, design costs were not included in the attached construction estimate. Design costs represent 10% of the construction cost. CAT Same as Sponsoring Agency $113,895.00$0.00$1,138,955.98
 City of Raleigh/Wake County Paratransit Operations Facility Phase IIThis project is for the redesign and construction improvements for the joint City of Raleigh and Wake County Paratransit Operations Facility. This facility houses dispatch,van operations, and future maintenance operations for the City of Raleigh as well as Wake County's Mobility Management program and administrative support functions. CAT Same as Sponsoring Agency $50,000.00$0.00$775,000.00
 Bus Stop ImprovementsFunding is requested for bus stop improvements at fifteen sites throughout Wake County. Seven stops require a waiting pad to meet ADA requirements. Seven stops require a shelter. One stop has an existing pad, but needs a bench. Ten of these stops are shared stops between TTA and either CAT or CTRAN. Triangle Transit Other $42,500.00$0.00$138,300.00
 Raleigh BikeShare ImplementationProcure and install up to 30 bikeshare stations as Phase I implementation Raleigh Same as Sponsoring Agency $0.00$0.00$1,500,000.00