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2017 Transit Projects

TIP IDProject NameProject Description Sponsoring Agency
Managing AgencyProject LocationDesign PhaseDesign CostROW PhaseROW CostConstruction PhaseConstruction Cost
 GoRaleigh Computer Aided Dispatch and Bus Tracking System UpgradeThis project will upgrade GoRaleigh’s existing DR600 NextStop Announcement and Automatic Vehicle Monitoring (AVL) system to the CleverDevices CAD/AVL and Bus Time Systems. This intelligent vehicle network (IVN) based onboard system offers better expansion capability and more features than the current system. This upgrade will improve the rider experience while also enhancing operator capabilities. Budget is attached for this project on the ftp site. Primary project items 1 - 6 are included. Option items 1 - 9 are not included within this grant application. CAT Same as Sponsoring Agency $0.00$0.00$1,336,192.00
 GoRaleigh ART Call Center and Bus Stop Amenities FacilityThis project is for the upgrade of the facility at 1615 South Wilmington Street that will serve as GoRaleigh’s para transit call center, administrative office, ADA assessment center, and transit ID service center. The rear of the facility will also serve as a storage and maintenance facility serving all on-street amenities for GoRaleigh. GoRaleigh currently services 170 bus shelters, 250 benches, and approximately 500 trash receptacles. CAT Same as Sponsoring Agency $86,700.00$0.00$1,605,550.00