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2018 Transit Projects

TIP IDProject NameProject Description Sponsoring Agency
Managing AgencyProject LocationDesign PhaseDesign CostROW PhaseROW CostConstruction PhaseConstruction Cost
 FFY18 Bus Stop ImprovementsThis project consists of prioritizing existing GoCary bus stops that do not currently meet ADA requirements for upgrade. Approximately 45 bus stops will be improved. This funding would support Design/Engineering and Construction of bus stops, as well as project management. Improvements may include concrete boarding pads, benches, trash cans, bike racks and any necessary associated ramp and/or sidewalk improvements. CTRAN Same as Sponsoring Agency $100,000.00$0.00$400,000.00
TD-5116Poole Road Park and RideThis project will establish a park and ride facility across from the GoRaleigh Operations and Maintenance Facility on Poole Road. This project represents phase 2 of a 2 phase project. Phase 2 will construct parking lot C as defined in the attached schematic design. Please note that the facility in the northwest corner of the schematic design is the new Raleigh Fire Station 9. Phase 1 will include 130 parking spaces for employee parking; funds for this project have been requested in the Wake Transit Plan in FY 18. Phase 2 will include 80 parking spaces and a dedicated park and ride bus facility. Please note this project is only for the 80 parking spaces for Phase 2 dedicated as park and ride. CAT Same as Sponsoring Agency $0.00$0.00$700,000.00
 Compressed Natural Gas Fueling StationThis project is for construction of a compressed natural gas (CNG) fueling station at GoRaleigh Operations and Maintenance Facility located at 4104 Poole Road. GoRaleigh is planning to transition the bus fleet to CNG. As a part of the transition, a refueling station will need to be built at the existing operations facility for the buses that are CNG. CAT Same as Sponsoring Agency $306,000.00$0.00$3,144,000.00
 Transit Signal Priority ProjectThis project will develop a transit signal priority system for the Capital Boulevard corridor to reduce bus travel times. CAT Same as Sponsoring Agency $0.00$0.00$1,250,000.00
 Navaho Drive Sidewalk ProjectThis project would include approximately 1500 feet of sidewalk and curb and gutter on Navaho Drive, connecting where the sidewalk ends south of Executive Drive to Bush Street. CAT Same as Sponsoring Agency $60,000.00$0.00$370,000.00